Begin Your Journey to Recovery.

” I started counselling sessions because I needed someone to point me in the right direction.  Someone to tell me what I was doing right, and what I needed to change to make things better.  My family were supportive but did not have the ability to help me.  Sam was able to do this.  Through his supportive listening, and a caring approach, he was able to put me back on track.  Thank you.”

-Chris O'Neil-

Meet Samuel

As a qualified professional Addiction Therapist and a specialist in this field, I help people to reduce their use of substances, or obtain abstinence / sobriety. 


Working together to understand and treat the effects of emotional and psychological Trauma (individual and collective), Anxiety, Depression and the pain and suffering of addiction.


Guiding those who are suffering to recover from the effects of addiction and gain control of their lives.

I aim to equip clients with useful strategies for dealing with the complexities of life and it's challenges.  Mentor the journey to better one's health, using a holistic approach.

Counselling will support clients to enhance and maintain their motivation to change, and develop their problem-solving and coping skills. Gearing towards an overall better state of well being.

With counselling help, clients can move forward confidently and enjoy a life free from the constraints and repercussions of drug and alcohol problems.


Practice Areas

Counselling services


Drug Misuse

Offering an individualised drug treatment program to address underlying reason's behind drug misuse to help clients reach their goals of abstinence. Counselling allows clients to overcome triggers and cravings, and take the positive steps towards in their recovery journey.  Covering relapse prevention techniques and challenging negative or unhelpful thought processes that may cause replace. 


Whether one want's to quit drinking altogether or cut down to healthier levels, counselling has helped clients to reach their goal.

Understanding that recovery is a gradual process, especially In the early stages of change.  Working through obstacles to improve one's quality of life.  Looking into behaviour change techniques, assesing health risks and tackling cravings.  


Anxiety & Stress

PTSD, OCD, Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety.  All can cause restlessness, sense of dread, and uneasiness of the mind.  Counselling works through recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns, to ease these feelings of tension, and dissolve worried thoughts. Reducing disruptiveness caused to daily life.



Looking into events that can trigger depression, Low mood, tearfulness or joylessness, feelings of flatness and detachment with reduced socialising. Professional help can guide clients towards developed strategies to help deal with these feelings and head towards happier life, with contentment and joy.



Nightmares, intrusive thoughts and images and difficulties managing emotions can lead to a disorienting and disrupted existence. These are responses to the exceptional circumstances of experiencing trauma.

In counselling we deal with the distressing flash backs and triggers. Overcome the stress and dysregulation caused by the traumatic event. Restore the client to a state of emotional well-being. Counselling helps to process the trauma by integrating into it one's life experience, and working on PTSD.



Practices and skills of Mindfulness are designed to increase awareness of triggering situations and cues, and to decrease behavioural reactivity by repeatedly observing thoughts, without reacting.  The urges and cravings and their associated physical or affective discomfort can be eased with Mindfulness techniques. As experienced by many client's in the past. Mindfulness teaches clients to live in the present moment.  Not to hold on to the thoughts, but instead learning techniques to allow thoughts to pass by, in a non judgemental major.